About the Ambassadors

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Mission, Vision & Values of Winston-Salem Ambassadors

The Mission of Winston-Salem Ambassadors is to educate through creating awareness of and increasing awareness of the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The Vision of Winston-Salem Ambassadors is to make Winston-Salem the best city it possibly can be, a city that is welcoming to all. We envision a strong economy and a thriving city where you can live, work, enjoy, connect and learn.

Winston-Salem Ambassadors values inclusivity, innovation, intelligence, passion and hard work. We appreciate our history, recognize our present and look forward to our future.

Winston-Salem Ambassadors

Creating & Increasing Awareness of Winston-Salem

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GOALS of Winston-Salem Ambassadors

  1. To Make Winston-Salem a Better City by
  • Increasing Retention of
    1. Residents
      1. Adults
      2. College Students
    2. Current Employees
  • Attracting New
    1. Residents
    2. Visitors
    3. Employees
  • Supporting Businesses
    1. New & Established Businesses (both large and small)
    2. Attracting New Businesses to Open In Winston-Salem
  • Promoting other nonprofits whose mission is to benefit Winston-Salem
  • Promote Winston-Salem as a Community
    1. Improve feelings of Connectedness
    2. Demonstrate and promote Winston-Salem as an open-minded and welcoming community

2. Increase Local, State, Regional and National Recognition of Winston-Salem

  • Associate Recognition of Winston-Salem in a positive manner


Winston-Salem Ambassadors

(336) 794-6050

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