About the Ambassadors

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We are a 501c3 (tax deductible) nonprofit, based in and promoting Winston-Salem, NC. We were created at the end of 2016 to serve our community, to represent the best of Winston-Salem. 


Mission, Vision & Values of Winston-Salem Ambassadors

The Mission of Winston-Salem Ambassadors is to recruit and retain people by providing them with knowledge and welcome. 

The Vision of Winston-Salem Ambassadors is to make Winston-Salem the best city it possibly can be, a city that is welcoming to all. We envision a strong economy and a thriving city where you can live, work, enjoy, connect and learn.

Winston-Salem Ambassadors values inclusivity, innovation, intelligence, passion and hard work. We appreciate our history, recognize our present and look forward to our future.


We can ALL work together to promote the best of Winston-Salem!


Winston-Salem Ambassadors

Welcoming all TO and IN Winston-Salem


GOALS of Winston-Salem Ambassadors

  1. To Make Winston-Salem a Better City by
  • Increasing Retention of
    1. Residents
      1. Adults
      2. College Students
    2. Current Employees
  • Attracting New
    1. Residents
    2. Visitors
    3. Employees
  • Supporting Businesses
    1. New & Established Businesses (both large and small)
    2. Attracting New Businesses to Open In Winston-Salem
  • Promoting other nonprofits whose mission is to benefit Winston-Salem
  • Promote Winston-Salem as a Community
    1. Improve feelings of Connectedness
    2. Demonstrate and promote Winston-Salem as an open-minded and welcoming community

2. Increase Local, State, Regional and National Recognition of Winston-Salem

  • Associate Recognition of Winston-Salem in a positive manner

Winston-Salem Ambassadors

(336) 794-6050

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