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*Member is used for us to mean a Member of the Ambassadors Community, please note that we are not a membership-based nonprofit. Becoming a “Member-Investor” means donating to the Winston-Salem Ambassadors and confers no rights or responsibilities of traditional membership.*

When you give to the Winston-Salem Ambassadors, you are investing in your community! Making people feel welcome and educating them about our city isn’t just a feel good thing, it translates into dollars and makes economic sense.

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You may become a Business Member or and Individual Member.

The Winston-Salem Ambassadors is a federally tax-exempt nonprofit, our Tax ID is 81-4170578.

Please email or call at (336) 794-6050 for any questions. We look forward to investing with you.

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  1. Making Winston-Salem a better, more welcoming place!
  2. Discounted Event Tickets (including our famous Annual Meeting!)
  3. Social Media Shout-Outs & Promotions*^
  4. Logo on Ambassadors Gear*^
  5. Listed on Website*^

*Must Sign INclusivity Agreement

^With Prior Agreement

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We Are Better Together


Thank you to those very special people who GAVE in good faith; The Cornerstone Society is now closed!


Cornerstone Society


1) Kristina Welch

2) Mary Callaghan

3) Anne Alexander Donovan

4) Whitney Hsu

5) Jennifer Chapman

6) Chris Boles

7) Christy Spencer

8) Winston-Salem Dash