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Everyday Awards Description

In celebration of Annual Meeting of the Winston-Salem Ambassadors, nominations for the Everyday Awards are being accepted.

The Everyday Awards celebrate our neighbors, friends and colleagues in Winston-Salem who work tirelessly, day in and day out to make our city a better place. These Everyday heroes do not seek recognition, but nonetheless make Winston-Salem better.

-Requirement for Nominees-

          1) Live in the City of Winston-Salem OR Work in the City of Winston Salem

Nominations will be accepted through wsambassadors.org and the nominees will then be contacted afterwards to finish completion of their nomination. Nominees will be voted on by an impartial committee, made up of at least one Board of Advisors member and several community members at large. Nominations will be accepted until he end of December, voted on by early January and the Awards will be presented at the Ambassadors Annual Meeting.

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For 2017 –

Fay Horwitt  | Jacinta White  |  Jake and Amy Easter  |  Joseph Hamby  |  Tabetha Childress |

For 2018 –

Kayla Pinger   |   Latasha Barr Lewis    |    Roberta King Latham   |   Jen Brown Oleniczak   |   Alyson Rorem

For 2019 –

Shalisha Morgan-Hicks | Jamie Lawson and Gray Smith | RJ Walker | Sarah Thompson | Tommy Priest | Dale Cole

For 2020 –

No Everyday Awards or Annual Meeting was held for 2020 due to the shutdown and safer at home orders caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which at last count has killed over 6 million people.

For 2021 –

Philip ‘Opie’ Kirby | Anne Glenn | James Crowe | Danielle Bull | William ‘Cheech’ Herrera

For 2022 –

Returning in 2022, Nominations are now closed.


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