$26,950 GOAL in 40 DAYS! (April 25-June 3)

Welcome Center & Community Center

  • The Winston-Salem Ambassadors is a tax-exempt nonprofit who aims to create a welcoming and inclusive city! Our mission is to increase awareness of Winston-Salem, to get you connected to all that we have.
  • This physical space is the most important aspect of our mission moving forward. It is a place where people can COME INTO to speak with an actual real live person who loves Winston-Salem, and who is all too happy to plug you in!
  • We are 100% donation-based and we CANNOT do this without you!

What We Need & What You Get

  • The BULK of this $26,950 will go straight towards rent on the physical location. The rest will be utilities, high speed wi-fi that you can use when you’re with us and brightening up the place (it’s been empty for a long time!)
  • You get something for donating from $10 and they only get more exciting the more you give! (IE: Fancy party, or a whole month featuring YOU!)
  • Meeting Space for 5-20 people.
  • Lounge Space for downtime when you’re Downtown.
  • SMALL BUSINESS office space for fellow community members.

The Impact

We can’t do this without you and therefore you should benefit!!

  • This space will have a meeting space AND a lounge area as well as housing the Ambassadors. We guarantee you will find something useful here every time.
  • This Welcome Center and Community Center will be for old-timers and newcomers alike. We truly believe that people will feel welcome walking in, and that means that they will feel welcome in our City.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • SHARE, SHARE, SHARE THE WORD! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other platforms that you in-touch people know more about! And most importantly, tell your family and friends and colleagues!
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!

We’re here for you. We’re here for US –  this OUR community and you can help us make it a better place. JOIN US!


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