Winston-Salem Parenting Resources: Interview with Triad Moms on Main

Triad Moms on Main

There are so many amazing resources out there for parents here in Winston-Salem, including online parenting resource Triad Moms on Main. One great feature we know local parents will love about this resource – it’s completely free!

Triad Moms on Main (TMoM) launched in October 2010 and was founded by local moms Katie Moosbrugger and Rachel Hoeing. The site is “an all-inclusive resource for parents that features daily blogs, directories, a detailed local events calendar, contests and giveaways. Our website explores new topics daily through our blog – from how to find the right school or summer camp for your child, to showcasing local restaurants and birthday party venues.”

While neither Rachel or Katie are originally from Winston-Salem, both have lived here long enough to not just call it home but to call it the city they love to share about. Katie has called Winston home for 13 years and Rachel for 16 years.

They shared with us a little more on their thoughts on Winston-Salem, all the city has to offer and their business Triad Moms on Main.

  1. What is your favorite go to spot in Winston-Salem?

Katie: Going to a Dash game when the weather is beautiful. This is my favorite thing to do with family, friends, and visitors. I love the stadium, and having our city as the back drop to the scenery at a game!

Rachel: When I have friends visiting from out of town I love to take them to Reynolda Village to shop and eat. I also love to walk around Reynolda Gardens. For me personally, I am always at Thruway for something! I also can be found at a local restaurant most days of the week for lunch! (Mozelles, West End Cafe, The Porch, Riverbirch Lodge, Oso Eats, or The Carving Board)

  1. What would you love to see happen in Winston-Salem?

Katie: I’m excited to see the greater downtown area grow and hope that continues with more restaurants (especially ones with sidewalk dining) and more things to do for adults, kids, and families.

Rachel: I would love to see more outdoor music events and festivals that are family friendly.  Our downtown area has grown so much and I love what is happening in Bailey Park and Innovation Quarter. Let’s keep it going!

  1. What role do you see TMoM playing in the Winston-Salem parenting scene?

Katie: It’s our hope that TMoM will continue to be recognized as the go-to source for families to find parenting and local information. As the site continues to grow with readers, we continue to grow with more offerings, and that is what makes TMoM such a helpful community tool.

Rachel: I hope that parents use us as a resource for basically every question they might have! Where can I find a good birthday venue? What’s going on this weekend? What private schools are in the area? What camps are available for my teenager? Where can I find baby and mom groups? What are the best kept secrets in the area for fun things to do?  What are some good ideas for “Me Time” for moms?

  1. Why do you love Winston-Salem?

Katie: What is there not to love about this city? I love how it’s a mid-sized city but it still feels like we live in a small community. I love all the offerings the city has (restaurants, arts, parks, education, growing businesses, etc). I love living close to other cities like Greensboro, Raleigh, Asheboro, etc. I love the access we have to the beach and the mountains. I cannot think of a better place to live!

Rachel: So many reasons!! I was reluctant to move here when I first found out my husband was being transferred, but now I sing Winston-Salem’s praises all the time! Affordable housing market, great neighborhoods, wonderful programs for families, rich in the arts, generally a quiet city but still so much to do, very little traffic, friendly people of all different backgrounds, and a fabulous place to raise children.

Learn more about Triad Moms on Main by visiting their website or find them on Facebook.

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