A Letter to YOU!

Dear Friend,

Greetings  from the  Twin City.  I  hope you  are doing  well as August is wrapping up.

By now I hope that you have either experienced or heard of the Winston-Salem  Ambassadors!  Created last December  and  active ever since, the Ambassadors  have   made  quite  a  few appearances  and  had  many  a conversation.  Eight  board  meetings,  two  Workshops,  one  SSO4, two Venture  Café  sessions,  one  Results  Junkies (major investors) visit and over one hundred and twenty meetings/lunches/coffee conversations have been  had  with folks  all across the City of Arts and Innovation. If there is one  thing  that we have learned since our inception, it is that a welcoming culture   and   an   open-minded   community   is   greatly   desired.

One thing everyone in Winston-Salem agrees is on is that our community is a wonderful place. The thing that  excites me the most about our city is its  vast  potential for   growth.  In  business, in   residents, in  events , the opportunities  are  not  just  possible,   but probable. To  the Ambassadors, innovation   means keeping  an open  mind  and our most valuable asset is you.  You,  the people  of  Winston-Salem, our friends and colleagues, are what makes  this city  such an amazing place to live in, to work in, to play in and  to talk  about.  Thank you  for  being  a  part of  our  first 8 months.

You can play an even bigger role in the next few months. As a federally tax-exempt, brand-new non-profit, whose mission is to increase awareness of Winston-Salem, we are excited to announce our first fundraising campaign. We   have    entitled   this campaign,       “Shaping Community Through Relationships,”  and  we would   greatly  appreciate  your  financial  support. Enclosed is the information on the campaign and we look forward to working with you for a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

Please remember,  when you  give to the  Ambassadors,  you  give to the whole city!

Most Gratefully Yours,

Mackenzie Cates-Allen

President, Winston-Salem Ambassadors


WHY GIVE? What can it GO to?? Check it out HERE!

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