#TwinCityConnections: Christy Spencer


christy spencer

This #TwinCityConnections is with one of our Board Members who joined in 2017. Christy C. Spencer. Christy Spencer is Vice-President of JKS Incorporated and co-owner of The Winston Cup Museum Special Event Center.

“I live in Winston-Salem for a couple of reasons – First – I was born and raised here and Second – I just love the city – our history, our community – the commitment that our residents have to thinking creatively to solve problems and generate new business.

I love that there is so much to do – and that its accessible to everyone.  If you want to volunteer here in WS – its easy to get involved.  If the arts are your passion – we have it.  If continuing your education is something you love – we have that too.  If you want to visit a park that is free and open to the public – you can – we have lots of them.

Where is the ONE place you would send someone in WS if they were visiting? Okay – that’s hard – everyone loves different things.  If they can only go one place I think I would send someone to the Reynolda House because the history of Mr. R.J.Reynolds and his wife, Katharine, really helps explains why our city grew and thrived in the early 20th century.

How long have been a member of the Board of the Ambassadors? WHY did you JOIN the Board? I joined the board in May of 2017.  And I joined after meeting Mackenzie and hearing about the mission of the Ambassadors.  I love this city and I want to be involved with an organization that fosters spreading the word about what an amazing community we have along with including everyone and anyone who feels the same way.

Where do you see WS going in the next few years? In the next 10?  I think this is probably happening now and will continue but I believe that with all the expansion at Innovative Quarter and the influx of people coming to work or study there – we will see many adults (ages 25 to 35) deciding to make WS their permanent home where there is affordable housing, a vibrant downtown with entertainment options and is a great community to eventually raise their families.  In the next 10 years – I think we will see WS developing a true artisian culture between our local breweries and local artists.  We will have artist maker spaces (work/live environments) that encourage and promote creativity – and in turn will bring visitors and art enthusiasts from all over the world.

AmbassadorsAnnualMeeting2018(7) AmbassadorsAnnualMeeting2018(55)


The Winston Cup Museum is located at 1355 N Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, in Downtown Winston-Salem.  Website is here.

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