WS Appreciation: West End Coffeehouse and Twin City Gelato

One of the things that makes Winston-Salem SO special, in my humble opinion, is how local and small businesses support each other.

I had the privilege of meeting Jim and Dana Moody in 2013 when they bought the then Caffe Prada at 390 N. Broad St. Since that time, I have grown to know and appreciate these great hearted folks and all that they do for our community. Us Dash City folk love our coffee shops: they’re not only a huge source for business meetings and meet ups with friends and family, but a place to build community, camaraderie and relationships.

Dana and Jim and the laid back space at Broad and 4th have offered their space to the Winston-Salem Ambassadors multiple times. I have also attended a campaign kick-off party for a local there. Because Jim and Dana believe in community, they want to help build it up and it shows.

Today, July 15, 2018 was National Ice Cream day and these amazing people offered FREE gelato from 12-5 today. I took my oldest daughter, who was 4.5 and she enjoyed the birthday cake ice cream, a bright blue deliciousness. They also have a counter full of REALLY good baked goods, including some of the BEST brownies in the city, which I took partook of.

I just wanted to remind my fellow citizens to appreciate these treasures in our community! Shop small, shop local and it will pay off in dividends.

THANK you Dana and Jim for having such a great space and for ALL that you do for our city!

-Mackenzie Cates Allen, President, Winston-Salem Ambassadors

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