#TwinCityConnections: Chris Wilson, Mogul



What’s your name? Where are you from?
I’m Chris Wilson. I was born in San Diego, CA but moved to Winston-Salem when I was 3. 
I am the owner/founder of Mogul Clothing. It’s my full time job running the company. I’m a solo-preneur so everything from fashion design to social media to customer service is all me!

Why do you live and work in WS?
I think it’s affordable and the small town feel is great for making valuable connections, especially when you’re a startup. I have met so many people since I started my business; and made so many worthwhile working relationships that I may have found in a big city as well but maybe not as educated, hard working, or as affordable to work with as I have in Winston-Salem.

What do you love most about WS?
Accessibility. I think there’s something for everyone honestly.  No matter what you’re interested in or what your field is you can find something you will enjoy here. The growth of Forsyth County has been great to watch growing up here.

What gave you the idea for Mogul? Why do you want to do it here in WS? What do you think this brings to our city?
I’ve always been interested in clothes and fashion even from a young age, I always wanted to wear cool clothes or my favorite shirt. In 2003 I lost my oldest brother to his mental health struggle and suicide. It’s very important to me to carry on his memory. He was always someone I looked up to for advice and style advice. So now with Mogul I donate a portion of each sale to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or other relevant non-profits for mental health programs. There really aren’t many national fashion brands, especially big ones that do what my company is doing, let alone many local ones. I try to offer a premium product for an affordable price all while giving back, so living in a city with a strong sense of community while having a lower cost of living is great! I hope to help start a movement in Winston-Salem of more mental health awareness and spreading positivity. 


How can people be a part of helping?
First, just be kind to everyone. It sounds cliche but it really does make a difference to just be nice to everyone because it’s the small things that make the biggest impact. Second, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention host walks every year to stop suicide. The next one is at Triad Park on September 22nd. Crisis Text Line is another great non-profit that you can volunteer with.

You have a fashion show on Saturday! What is it that you want to convey to people about it?

Elevate is our very first fashion show! There will be a booth for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, live screen printing from Machine Gun Graphics, free award winning cheesecake samples and slices for sale from DJ’s Cheesecakes, Dan from OnTarget DJ will be playing music all night, and all hair and makeup for the models is provided by Air by Alkali along with them having a booth with products for sale. We also have to thank our host Footnote Coffee and Cocktails created by Foothills brewing and our event planner Encore Events! Portions of all sales are going to the NC Chapter of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Come early and have a great time!

Doors open at 6:30pm and the show will start around 8pm. Advance tickets are $12 and $15 at the door. Footnote is located at 634 W 4th St. in Winston-Salem.



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