#TwinCityConnections: Rachael Lough (+The Dixie Classic Fair!)

rachel with fair behind

1)   What’s your name? Where are you from?

Rachael Lough and I’m from Tampa, Fl.

2)      What do you do for work? 

I’m the “Event Sales and Sponsorship Coordinator/ Senior Community Educator” which is just the fancy city way of saying the Marketing manager for the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds and Dixie Classic Fair. My passion is getting to know people and tell stories, my position allows me to do that constantly. The fairgrounds has over 100 events throughout the year including the fair and it’s my job to get people excited about the events and tell them why it should matter, which is pretty neat.

3)      Why do you live and work in WS? 

Simply put, the people of Winston. My husband (then fiancé) got a full ride to Wake Forest for grad school and it was always the plan for him to return to Tampa after graduation.  Throughout his time at Wake I fell in love with Winston. The best way I’ve heard it described is “the biggest small town you’ll ever love” and it’s so true.

4)      What do you love most about WS?

The people of Winston genuinely care for one another and you can feel it. The city itself is filled with so much fascinating history but has become new with the surge of innovation and the excitement of being in town for such an exciting time is infectious.

5)    Talk about the fair! Give us all the info. 

I’m definitely biased but the Dixie Classic Fair is my absolute favorite time of year in Winston. The fair is truly a celebration of our community. We have outstanding agriculture features, thrilling rides, delicious food, amazing competitive entries, enthralling shows and so much more. The fair has local wine tasting each night, local artist, and not to mention all the local livestock and agriculture in the barns there is something for everyone. The Dixie Classic Fair is special, it gives you a sense of home when you walk through the gates. The Fair is more than just Giant Donuts and fun rides, it is a showcase of how great our community is. This year the theme for the fair is “Your Beacon to Fun” but it should really be “Your Beacon to Savings”. This year when guest enter our gates they will want to make sure their Bluetooth and location settings are turned on, we will be using a new beacon technology to send special deals like Free Amish Donuts or Free unlimited Ride Wristbands to people’s phones. It will definitely be exciting!

More info about the fair HERE

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