K10Yoga’s Kristen Williams to Join Board

The Board of Advisors is very pleased to announce that Kristen Williams has been accepted to join the Board of Advisors of the Winston-Salem Ambassadors.


Kristen graduated from UNCG in 2006 with a BS in Commercial Recreation and Travel. While working at a resort in coastal North Carolina, she completed 500hrs of Yoga Training in 2011 and soon quit her job to travel abroad and teach yoga full time, K10Yoga was born!

While traveling her mission grew and became more clear. “How could we create brave space for people from all backgrounds to come home to themselves… A place for people to explore the thoughts roaming through their hearts door and provide a moment to listen to what it has to say?” After all, this was the space yoga held for her from day one.

Landing back in Winston Salem in 2012 Kristen worked locally, teaching yoga and building wellness programs. It was in 2015 K10Yoga School was born offering both a 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher training program built around the idea that new teachers find their authentic voice and teach the yoga that moves them to be their best self and be of service to the world around them. With more and more students, and new teachers feeling drawn to this method that brings in overall wellness from a trauma informed perspective, the thought arose of how to make yoga more affordable. Kristen felt that from the outside looking in, yoga is expensive and therefore feels inaccessible to people, herself included.

In 2017 K10Yoga CoOp was born as a place for people to come together, a place for new teachers to gain more experience and discover their voice. Additionally, no class would be more than $10 and the goal was to offer more affordable yoga on a sliding scale, and classes truly open to any body. In effort to continue with the mission of creating conditions for people to gain access to the benefits of yoga, Kristen began an online yoga program that people can now access at home! Kristen is planning Winston Salems first Yoga Festival for 2019 and looks forward to continuing to work with alumni and the community to grow and expand yoga for all.

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