WS Ambassadors President to Chair NWCDC Board

CONTACT: April Broadway

Executive Director, NWCDC

Winston-Salem, NC

(336) 721-1215

Press Release
for Immediate Release


February 20, 2019 – The NWCDC Board of Directors has unanimously voted Mackenzie Cates-Allen, President of Winston-Salem Ambassadors, to the position of Board Chair. A tax-exempt organization (EIN56-0994730), Northwest Child Development Centers, also known as NWCDC and MudPies, serves children in Forsyth, Stokes and Davie Counties. In existence since 1970, NWCDC has served thousands of children and their families. “I am honored to be able to serve this amazing nonprofit in any capacity that I am able to,” Cates-Allen says. Over the last 12 years, NWCDC has seen many changes. “This wonderful nonprofit was created to serve those who need it most. Due to previous management decisions, we pulled out of the places where we may have been needed most.”

Due to shifting funding sources, including the lack of funding by the counties and governments, NWCDC has had to examine everything from the running of their childcare centers and the overall mission, very closely. “The remaining Board and dedicated staff feel very strongly that we fulfill a desperately needed place in the community,” Cates-Allen explains, “and we will continue to provide child care to the best of our abilities.” Cates-Allen feels however, that they need to make a stronger push for universal Pre-K and access to affordable childcare for any and all who need it.

“This is an absolutely critical time for our organization.” She has extended an urgent call for members of the community to serve on the Board of Directors. “If we do not have community, business and county support, our organization will not be able to continue.” NWCDC is accepting applications to join the Board of Directors and urges the community to assist in any way possible, through volunteering, donations and awareness. “We have a center in downtown Winston-Salem that we will be focusing on fundraising for.” She concludes. “Once MudPies Coliseum is up and running, we can focus on access for all.” NWCDC hope to raise a minimum of $30,00 over the next year.

For more information, please contact April Broadway at (336) 721-1215 or at You can reach Mackenzie Cates-Allen at or (336) 794-6050. MudPies has two centers in operation, MudPies King and MudPies Mocksville.

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