Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                         CONTACT: Mackenzie Cates-Allen
President of Winston-Salem Ambassadors
Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 794-6050

The Creation of Winston-Salem Ambassadors Announced

May 31, 2017 – The Board of Advisors of the brand new, not-for-profit, Winston-Salem Ambassadors, Inc. is proud to announce their existence in the city of Winston-Salem and in the state of North Carolina. A tax-exempt organization (EIN 81-4170578) the mission of Winston-Salem Ambassadors is to create and increase awareness of the city of Winston-Salem. The Board of Advisors is comprised of 12 passionate community members. Jordan Googe, Anne Donovan, Sandy Meeks and Lindsey Howard make up the executive leadership and Amanda Hoey, Tim Beeman, Max Maxwell, Kristina Welch and Maura Paterson, Christy Spencer and Diana Westrick are Board Members.

Led by founder, President & Chief Ambassador Mackenzie Cates-Allen of Winston-Salem, the Ambassadors is a group who loves Winston-Salem and want to tell everyone about it. Singing the praises of the wonderful people and businesses that are here, they emphasize being welcoming, being inclusive and the fact that Winston-Salem is a community. “We are always seeking to include people in that community and welcome them,” Mackenzie says. “Winston-Salem has shown me so much love and I wanted to do the same for others.” The Ambassadors believe that innovation can exist in many forms. “Achieving innovation is possible especially when you focus on being open-minded and willing to learn and grow.”

Board Member Tim Beeman, who runs a popular series of podcasts in Winston-Salem, says, “I believe that making people more aware of its goings-on, of its commitment to its residents and how to be more involved with the greater good will only strengthen the city’s value.”  Board Member Christy Spencer of JKS and The Winston Cup Museum says, “”I love the idea of a diverse group of people with the common goal of promoting Winston-Salem and bringing others together.  The Ambassadors mission aligns with our city’s growth and vitality and I definitely want to be a part of that.”

Winston-Salem Ambassadors has just launched their Ambassadorship program and welcome all people who love Winston-Salem to apply.

The Ambassadors hold information sessions and workshops about the city’s strengths and possibilities for the future on a quarterly basis.

On May 14th, the Ambassadors hosted Second Sundays on 4th. This free family-friendly outdoor event series, one of only two this year, (May 14th and October 8th from 3-6 pm,) was presented by the Ambassadors with the support of the 4CM group that established this event and Flow Companies. For more information, check out, or on Facebook under Second Sundays on Fourth.

The Winston-Salem Ambassadors love Winston-Salem and strive to lift up its existing businesses and residents, thereby making the city a better place. They envision a strong economy and a thriving city where you can live, work, enjoy, connect and learn. Winston-Salem Ambassadors values inclusivity, innovation, intelligence, passion and hard work. They appreciate their history, recognize their present and look forward to the future.

For more information, please check out the website at or contact Mackenzie Cates-Allen at (336) 794-6050, at or on social media.

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