Everyday Awards WINNERS Announced

The Winston-Salem Ambassadors Announce

The Winners of the First Annual Everyday Awards

The Winston-Salem Ambassadors would like to congratulate the winners of the first ever Everyday Awards. “The Everyday Awards celebrate our neighbors, friends and colleagues in Winston-Salem who work tirelessly, day in and day out to make our city a better place. These Everyday heroes do not seek recognition, but nonetheless make Winston-Salem better.” Our winners for 2017 are Fay Horwitt, Joseph Hamby, Jacinta White, Jake Easter and Amy Easter and Tabetha Bailey.

Please join us on Thurs. Jan. 25th at 11:15am at the Winston Cup Museum as we celebrate them.

  Fay Horwitt – HUSTLE Winston-Salem

Joseph Hamby – New Resources Consulting

Jacinta White – Poet, Publisher of Snapdragon and a/perture cinema

Amy Easter –WS Cycling Advocacy Network –Jake Easter

Tabetha Bailey – City of Winston-Salem

winners snapshot

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