#TwinCityConnections: Beth Blair

From Beth Blair / Written by Mackenzie Cates-Allen

In Winston-Salem, NC, we have some really cool folks. One of them is Beth Blair.


Beth Blair is board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork, licensed in NC and has a private practice here in Winston-Salem.  The foundation of her practice is the acronym SEAMLESS: Somatic, working with the body through massage therapy and movement.  Energy Awareness, using modalities such as Reiki, energywork, Healing Touch and Tai Chi to support her clients. Meaningful Living, connecting to what the client values through somatic coaching and wellness coaching.  Engaging Senses and Spirit: Using the senses to bring healing through touch, aromatherapy, hot stones, dialogue, and connecting to the spiritual language that is Universal.

In addition to her private clients, Beth teaches Seamless Movement/Tai Chi for Wellness in the community.  The focus of the classes is balance and overall wellness, so it draws students from our senior members of the community. Beth has formatted the class in a way that it is fun, creates community and brings easy movements that anyone can do.  This is a valuable part of what she does. Supporting, connecting and teaching in our community.

Beth is also an Artist.  She has been creating abstract art for almost 3 years.  Originally, she was painting just for herself.  Now she has had shows in galleries, coffee shops and cafes.  Beth has sold some and love the healing it brings for herself, others and conversations around it. She is currently part of  a show at The Enrichment Center (1006 S. Marshall St. Winston-Salem, NC) “Space and Beyond”.  It is a display of art from the students of the Enrichment Center and a Guest Artist, Beth.  The show runs through March 16th, 2018.  The Gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 11a-4p or by appointment.  Beth will be in the Gallery, Friday February 9th from 11a-1p for “Meet Me in the Gallery”.  Also, Beth is working with The Enrichment Center, creating a special presentation on “Art and Healing”. This will be a talk of several people in the art community on February 27th at 6:30pm.  The Gallery will be open that evening at 6:00pm and the Enrichment Center’s Culinary Arts program will be providing light refreshments.

Beth came to this work through her own healing from chronic pain.  Beth was diagnosed with 3 degenerative discs 15 years ago and was searching for pain relief.  She found temporary relief through allopathic medicine and was directed to acupuncture which then brought her to Tai Chi and Healing Touch. Beth studied the first 3 levels of Healing Touch and decided she needed a license to touch, because she wanted to help others with pain relief.  The shortest route was to attend massage therapy school.  Once she graduated from Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, Beth started a small private practice out of her home.  From there, Beth took a full-time job at Hospice here in Winston and maintained her small practice. Beth’s time at Hospice was incredibly valuable because it honed her therapeutic skills in listening to the whole person.  She transitioned to a full-time private practice, adding the Tai Chi/QiGong classes as another offering of healing and wellness in the community.

Massage therapy and self-care is more than fluff or luxury.  They work to balance the body, mind and spirit of a person, promoting healing.  It is nurturing and supportive to other treatment plans and protocols.  When there is pain, the body is in “fight or flight” and cannot heal.  Creating moments of relaxation and rest allows for the body to heal. Beth approaches her work as a partnership with her client; she is not fixing anything without their help and engagement. Massage therapy is not supposed to hurt (generally).

In addition to her massage therapy credentials, Beth has a BS in Economics from Iona College, New Rochelle, NY.  Beth is a mother of an awesome 22-year-old son and she volunteers for City With Dwellings, offering Tai Chi to their guests two days a month.

Beth’s heart is in making connections for people and with people. She enjoys meeting new people, talking about what’s important to them (dreams, visions, goals, life).  If she can connect them with another person who can help, she does.  Beth is always looking to create relationships referrals in health, wellness, art, community and socializing in the Greater Winston-Salem area. This is where she works, lives and connects.  Word of mouth is still the best marketing tool for businesses like hers. Beth believes it is not just about her business, it is about the community.

Beth moved to NC 22 years ago from NY. She first lived in Wilmington and relocated to Winston-Salem 20 years ago.  Beth moved here to be closer to family, as her mother and grandparents had relocated here as well. Also, their relocation to the Triad was for a career move for her son’s dad.

Beth has had many great teachers in her life to this point, picking one role model was a challenge. Her mother was her first role model and has been the main one for many reasons.  Beth credits her for her style of connecting people, her take charge manor and willingness to follow her dream. Georgia O’Keefe is another person Beth would classify as a role model.  After seeing the exhibit at Reynolda House, Beth understands more deeply why she loved her art when BEth was younger.  She was a powerhouse and humble at the same time.

Beth gets inspiration from everywhere…but especially through heart-felt connections, people, the woods, or seeing the connecting threads that makes us human.

Beth’s classes are listed on her website HERE.  Beth is partnering with Catherine J. Howard for a series of workshop, Navigating the Pathways…”  The first one is “Navigating The Pathways to the Heart”, Saturday February 17th, 2-4pm. More Info Here There is also a place to book a session.  In addition to art as an expression, Beth writes and has blogs on her website as well. Overall, Beth’s main focus is helping others.


Beth Blair, BCTMB, LMBT NC 8473

Seamless Living NC

Office is located inside The Wellness Collective on 5th
823 W 5th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

(336) 407-0621



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